The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize: Who Will Win?

Tuesday March 17 2020


The Nobel Peace Prize is an award presented annually since 1901, alongside four other awards. Ideally, the award is a recognition for deserving persons who have duly performed exemplarily in their efforts in a fraternity between or among nations, for the withdrawal or reduction of standing armies, and for efforts of promoting world peace. It is often clouded by controversies, but that would be expected, given the number of deserving nominees drawn from various faculties and nations around the world. As we match towards the homestretch, we look at the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize winner nominees so far.

The Front-runners

Greta Thurnberg – Sweden

The 17-year old climate activist from Sweden was among the favorites to win the 2019 edition, only for Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to pip her. Ahmed was influential in the talks between his country Ethiopia and Eritrea, that led to the end of a 20-year old war between the two neighboring countries.

At the start of February, two Swedish politicians nominated Greta Thurnberg for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize following her brave and relentless efforts to have developed countries stand up to facilitate an end to climatic change. Hakan Svenneling and Jens Holm of Sweden’s Left Party nominated the teenager for her role, noting that she has been resilient in her push to have politicians open their eyes in matters of the climatic crisis.

Greta’s efforts prompted the lawmakers to take action in reducing emissions, and complying with the famous Paris Agreement of 2015, which is by all means an act of making peace. The landmark agreement encouraged all nations, rich and poor, to take action in curbing the rising global temperatures linked to the melting glaciers, shifting rainfall patterns, and raising sea levels.


The Swedish prodigy activist has vocally encouraged students from around the world to skip school to lead protests that demand quicker action on climate change. The movement started in Sweden has gathered momentum, and has spread to other European countries.

Mama Maggie – Egypt

Another nominee for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize is Egypt’s Mama Maggie, who has been nominated by several international and national institutions, as well as influential bodies like the Canadian Parliament. Mama Maggie, whose real name is Magda Gobran has been recognized for her commitment and dedication towards serving poor and illiterate women in Egypt.

She has been honored for her humanitarian input by several organizations and international figures. Most recently, in March 2019 she was honored by US First Lady Melania Trump and the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the International Women of Courage Awards. The ceremony honors women who show exceptional strength and courage as they drive positive change in the society, in matters touching on social justice, women empowerment, human rights, gender equality, and peace.

The Egyptian Mother Theresa, as she’s fondly known, was first nominated for the prestigious Nobel peace Prize award in 2012, and she ranks as the only Egyptian to receive the Arab Hope Makers Award presented by the Vice President of the Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.