Telcos are enhancing SMEs growth in Tanzania

Monday August 26 2019


By Thecitizen reporter

Dar es Salaam. Apart from making calls to friends and families or enjoying internet services, telecoms are now providing huge businesses opportunities to Small and Middle Enterprises (SMEs) sector, a new report shows.

A Digital transformation in Tanzania report published by GSM, shows that telecoms are now enhancing the SMEs growth in the country, a sector that covers over three million businesses which collectively contribute to over 25 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)According to GSM report, to SMEs, the telecom sector is more than making a call, sending text messages and access internet networks because they are currently advertising their businesses, doing money transactions, paying various services and bills as well as get loans and insurance services.

The report shows that Communication is crucial to a business society, therefore, the sector must be supported as it continues to grow.

The GSM report took a telecom company, Tigo as an example of being the first network company to sign up to the Government’s e-Payment Gateway under its mobile money brand, Tigo Pesa service, ensuring that it is easier for businesses to pay their bills to responsible public authorities.

The company also, initiated the Apps like Tigo Pesa App which are supporting the businesses in collecting payments. Through the service Customers can pay for their transactions using their mobile money app and even pay their employees too using the app. It is reported that over 70,000 companies are using Tigo’s services in this regard.

According to the report, Tanzanians are also currently using Tigo pesa to access loans to fund their businesses and solving other financial challenges.


In addition, Tigo has launched a WhatsApp service for all customers, including its business customers. This service allows its customers to quickly get in touch with its customer service with any queries and ensures personalised and quick responses.