Tigo-Zantel merger to benefit customers

Wednesday November 13 2019


Tigo-Zantel merger to benefit customers

The Citizen Reporter

Customers of both Tigo and Zantel telcos have started enjoying the merger of  the two telecommunications companies with was effected recently.

 Earlier this year the directors of the two companies made clear the intention to merge in an interview with the world-famous journal Forbes in a special edition and after the merger customers have begun to benefit from the services offered by the companies.

According to Forbes customers who benefit services are from Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar and  some of the services that they benefit from through the interactive telephone, tigopesa and easypesa services, bundle, data plus other services.

In an interview, the directors of the two companies made it clear how the merger would benefit the customers of the two companies through improved service delivery and the mobile telecommunications industry in general.


 In an interview the directors said customers expressed concern about the merger and its benefits but were assured that due to the strong integration of the companies the customers will enjoy the service as the technology has expanded so that they can get services of the highest quality.

They said the merger brings together the strengths of both companies as well as providing the best of both Mainland and island, urban and rural areas.

It would also increase the scope of business from both sides, they also wanted their customers to know that apart from Tigo and Zantel customers would benefit as well as those of other networks would also benefit from the merger in various sectors including economy and communications.

Tigo Tanzania Executive Director Simon Karikari was quoted  saying he believes that the merger will create the best cellular telecommunications sector in Tanzania now and in the future, adding that a market with such integrated companies will drive creativity.

Apart from those directors also Economists and technicians in the communications believe the merger of Tigo and Zantel is a major step in promoting the mobile telecommunications sector in Tanzania and bringing positive change in the sector.