Wedding planners could soon replace committees

Thursday August 24 2017


Irrespective of economic downturns, weddings remain a stable business as it is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people in Tanzania. The stability of, and rapid growth in, the business of marriage is what prompted the rise of mere jobs into named professions  like Florists, Clothing Designers, Makeup artists, Decorators and the introduction of Wedding Planners in Tanzania.

In this fast growing economy, where people are busy with their careers, not many are ready to  fully indulge themselves into organizing a wedding for six months hence the culture of wedding committees which may soon be replaced by the foreign culture of ‘wedding planners’.

Bride and grooms want to look for the best suppliers for their ‘big day’, that is from suits, wedding dresses , venue, cars, food and caterers and still have a less stressful wedding.

Lilian and Annette Kanora saw the demand of such services, partnered with and felt the need to co-find their company.

Their firm provides a one - stop solution to all the best suppliers in the business under one umbrella working together at a discounted rate. It’s not only a great deal of a less stressful wedding but also reducing a few coins on that budget and still achieve a dream wedding.

They gain a percentage of up to 10 per cent of the wedding budget.


This means big business for a big wedding, as some of the wedding budgets they have ever done have ranged up to $20,000

“The wedding business is booming and as such it provides great opportunities for all of us in the supply chain and it's thrilling to see how many young people are getting employed directly or indirectly through this industry. This is in turn spurs competition and a growing demand for quality and creativity from the receiving end which is also great because ultimately competition increases efficiency,” says Annette.

Lilian is optimistic about expanding to other East African markets; “We are looking to expand beyond Tanzania, as we have organized a wedding in Kenya before”.

We concluded business is good!

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