Tanzanian rapper MwanaFa tests positive for coronavirus

Thursday March 19 2020

Dar es Salaam. Rapper Hamis Mwinjuma aka Mwana FA has today confirmed that he tested positive for the COVID-19 immediately after he arrived from a business trip from South Africa.

He becomes the second high profile name in Tanzania's celebrity and entertainment circles to test positive after Diamond's manager Sallam SK who is also under quarantine.

The former East Coast crew rapper posted a short video showing him in self isolation at a place yet to be named saying that despite having experienced high temperatures he is now feeling well and cooperating with the authorities.

“I am recording this video not to spread panic but to tell the public that coronavirus is real but it is treatable. My call is that we should observe the hygiene guidelines as issued by the authorities so that we protect one another,” he said.

He added: This virus if your immune system is well leaves the body within seven to 10 days.

He is considered one of Tanzania’s brightest Bongo Flava artistes with a string of hits under his belt.


His popularity is largely attributed to his mastery and ability to mold the Swahili language into poetic and entertaining flows while delivering his message. He attained a Master of Science degree in Finance from Coventry University in the UK.

His performance and lyrical contents have made him one of the most famous Bongo Flava artists in Tanzania, a record he has kept for over 12 years.

As an artist Mwana FA managed to maintain a large fan base across Tanzania as he has been making music that relates to average Tanzanians. From ‘Ingekuwa Vipi’, ‘Alikufa kwa Ngoma’, ‘Msiache Kuongea’, ‘Bado Nipo Nipo’, ‘Yalaiti’ and ‘Ameen’