Harmonize ‘caught’ sliding into Anerlisa Muigai’s DM

Wednesday June 12 2019


Kenyan rapper Khaligraph and Tanzanian artiste Shettah and Harmonize are some of the celebrities who have been sliding into Anerlisa Muigai’s DM.

This is according to Anerlisa’s fiancée, singer Ben Pol, who claims he has caught the three sliding in his fiancé’s DM.

The conversation came up in a video interview with Zamaradi Mketema that was recently posted on Ben Pol’s YouTube page.

He was responding to a question on how open the two of them are with each other and if he reads Anerlisa’s direct messages.

Ben Pol responded by saying he knows of celebrities who have been dropping messages into Anerlisa’s inbox but he is not surprised, considering that Anerlisa is a beautiful woman who many men would want to have..

In the interview Ben Pol opens up on how he met  and finally fell in love with Anerlisa.


“I did not know who Anerlisa was and it took quite a while to know about that other status of hers. It has been one step at a time and she is one of the greatest things to have come into my life,” said Ben Pol.

The singer also clarified that the two have been dating for over a year now contrary to media reports that they have only been dating for a few months now.

Although in the beginning they tried to hide their romance, the two have become inseparable since coming out as a couple.

The two lovebirds got engaged in April when Ben Pol popped the question and Anerlisa said yes.