Maisha Magic Bongo set to excite fans

Friday January 17 2020

Executive Secretary Film Board of Tanzania Dr

Executive Secretary Film Board of Tanzania Dr Kiagho Kilonzo with MultiChoice Tanzania Managing Director Jacqueline Woiso at the premiere of the second seasons of Sarafu and Maisha Yangu series at Johari Rotana Hotel in Dar es Salaam. PHOTO | FILE 

By Mpoki Thompson

When Maisha Magic Bongo came to the rescue of local content by providing a platform for Tanzanian films and series to be aired on cable TV, a new dawn was ushered in where works of talented individuals in Tanzania’s creative industry would be viewed by a wider audience.

This marked the beginning of new and exciting shows such as Huba, Sarafu, Mizani ya Ushambenga, Harusi Yetu, among other great content locally produced.

It wasn’t just the showcasing platform that had seen an elevation, with the inception of Maisha Magic Bongo, a channel on DSTV which caters to the Tanzanian audience, an improvement in the quality of production was necessitated in order to stay abreast of consumer demands. This meant that the ‘business as usual’ mantra that had for long been the bane of Bongo movies’ existence had to be dealt with. What remained was high-quality television production with shows that are second to none in terms of quality of production.

Numbers of viewership started catching pace and soon the shows gained traction by attracting massive audience not only in Tanzania but abroad as well.


Among the leading shows on Maisha Magic Bongo, is Sarafu. The show has become one of the most popular in the country. A legion of followers tune in to watch whenever an episode airs, such is the fascination that keeps on blossoming. 


Last week, fans of the hit-series were given something more to smile about after the show was renewed for a second season.

An event to celebrate the new season of Sarafu featured airing of the first episode and invited guests got a rare opportunity to watch what is expected to be another great season of exciting drama and many plot twists.

Sarafu, a show centered on love, betrayal, and vengeance, has been highly rated and attracted hives of followers since its first season. Judging by the first episode, another round of captivating scenes awaits.


Maisha Yangu

It wasn’t just Sarafu that was in spotlight,  a new season of the docu-series ‘Maisha Yangu’ also premiered on the night.

Unlike Sarafu, Maisha Yangu takes us through the life journey of notable Tanzanian figures. People influential in different fields; ranging from business, politics, sports and entertainment, to those with cultural influence are all a part of the show.

Maisha Yangu  unearths unknown facts about these celebrated personalities, giving us an insight into their highs and lows.

Some of the known figures who’ve featured in Maisha Yangu include Dr Samwel Malecela, Yvonne Cherrie, Ally Rehmtullah, Taji Liundi, among others.

The launch of the new and exciting seasons of the two distinct shows was graced with the presence of the Executive Secretary Film Board of Tanzania Dr Kiagho Kilonzo, Kenyan Ambassador Hon. Dan Kizungu, MultiChoice Tanzania (MCT) Board Chairman Ambassador Ami Mpungwe, MCT Managing Director Jacqueline Woiso, M-Net Channel Director – East and Southern Africa Timothy Okwaro, and Head of Maisha Magic Bongo Channel – Barbara Kambogi. 

Along with other invited guests which included a host of local actors the likes of Rami Galis, Yusuf Mlela, Irene Uwoya, Hemedi, Quick Rocka, entertainment was the order of the night as a unique screening of the series ensued and performances from acts such as Makomando.

With the presence of Maisha Magic Bongo, Tanzanian filmmakers and actors now have a place to call home.