How Tanzania’s private sector is taking an active role in the Covid-19 fight

Friday April 17 2020

In recent days there has been much news on how various measures have been taken both at community and government level to stop the spread of COVID-19 which has claimed thousands of lives and ravaged economies.

This week, the Government announced plans to build a Sh7 billion new medical facility in Dar es Salaam, designed to help treat COVID-19 and other illnesses.

 The project, which is expected to be finished in six months, is likely to provide medical support for people in Dar es Salaam and the surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, it is also encouraging to see countries from across the region come together to create a plan to help ensure the uninterrupted supply of goods and services.

For example, the Southern Africa Development Community has put in place measures for ports to continue transporting goods across the region, including countries that do not have access to the sea.

While the government and other stakeholders have been working hard lately, it is also good to see that Tanzania’s private sector is also taking an active role during this time.


 Recently, Oryx Gas Tanzania pledged to supply Sh25 million worth of gas to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Similarly, Puma Energy donated 50,000 litres of fuel to help keep ambulances and the transportation of medical supplies running. 

The donations by the private sector in the struggle now run into billions of shillings.

Elsewhere, Tigo Tanzania customers can enjoy data bundles which help keep small businesses connected to the internet, helping them make payments, advertise their goods and communicate with their customers.

Customers will be able to work from home, using an office internet bundle and a free router, provided by Tigo.

Initiatives such as these show how the private companies are stepping up the mark to help people overcome the challenges of today.

This, has clearly showed that now is the time to support one another and remember that there are better days that lie ahead of us even in the middle of such gloom.