EDITORIAL: There’s Still a long way to go for TPA

Wednesday October 9 2019


Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) is on a steady path to revitalise transit cargo business. The modifications that have so far been made, such as expanding and rehabilitating some of the country’s ports have seen an increase in the import and export of goods by attracting more clients.

The authority should be lauded for efforts to improve service provision, mainly at the Tanzania’s main gateway in Dar es Salaam port, which handles the biggest bulk of cargo that enters and exits the country. Stringent inspection measures that have been put in place have had positive impact on overall business forecast for TPA.

Furthermore, the year-on-year increase in revenue collection, which has hit Sh944.74 billion this year is a positive sign that the goal to hit Sh1 trillion mark next year is feasible as acclaimed by the TPA management.

At the height of marked success, TPA shouldn’t become complacent. More effort is required to ensure all ports are facilitated to operate optimally and use their relative advantage to compete for lost time and business, customer satisfaction will remain key to growing confidence among local and regional trade partners. Bureaucracy, dishonesty among workers and corruption must continue to be fought.

As TPA director general Deusdedit Kakoko said on Sunday, the campaign to win back the lost transit cargo business requires a strict follow-up and micro-management to ensure no loopholes are left. Past acts such as auctioning of goods for no valid reason and poor handling of imports should be swiftly dealt with if at all the transit cargo business is to be safeguarded.

Improved imports and exports means more business opportunities for Tanzanian traders. As such, success for TPA means success for other businesses that benefit from the ripple effect of transit cargo business.