Let’s appreciate quality

Tuesday January 8 2019


The lack of seriousness on quality matters is the reason why some of the goods that are sold in the country are counterfeits. As we continue to turn a blind eye to this issue, cheap foreign products—especially from Asian countries—continue to flood our markets. This can only cripple local industries and cause untold losses to consumers. Sometimes these losses come in the form of devastating diseases or even death.

The laxity in enforcing standards is evident in almost all sectors, including public transport where daladala seats are fixed without any thought for leg room and seat belts are always faulty. They are there simply as evidence that bus owners are complying with traffic rules. When accidents occur, though, it is these “small” issues that make the difference between life and death.

It is upon all Tanzanians to learn to appreciate quality. Our country has become a dumping ground for substandard goods because these items have a ready market locally. Let’s learn to say no to poor quality goods and services.

When all is said and done, it is the Tanzania Bureau of Standards that has the mandate to protect Tanzanians from local and foreign producers who have no regard for acceptable standards.