Telcos have revolutionized Tanzanians’ access to internet

Monday July 06 2020
Tel pix

It is an increasingly changing world , one that has in recent years witnessed spiraling growth in technology, particularly when it comes to mobile internet.
In many ways, it can be argued that mobile internet has become an indispensable force which has had several significant benefits to both individuals and businesses.
In the world of business, for example, mobile internet has enabled people to work collaboratively and creatively, even when colleagues are separated from one another by thousands of miles.
Similarly, mobile internet has created a way of staying connected to friends and family. Many of us now keep in touch with loved ones via our mobile or computer screen in ways that were simply not as easy, just a few years ago.
It is little surprise, therefore, that in a number of countries people are now spending more time online than ever before.
Tanzania is, of course, has not been an exception, between 2013 and 2019 internet penetration across the country doubled, reaching 46 per cent in 2019.
Part of this growth can be attributed to the country’s telecom operators, such as Tigo Tanzania among others.
Companies like Tigo have leveraged recent economic growth to provide customers with a reliable and innovative service which has had a lasting impact for the country’s digital landscape.
Tigo has worked hard to ensure that its customers can continue to access its mobile internet services, as well as the company’s support network.
For example, the company recently launched a revamped electronic reload service – dubbed Tigo Rusha. The service allows customers to buy airtime and packages from Tigo shops and trusted retail partners, including Tigo Pesa Wakala’s and Point of Sales agents across the country.
Tigo Rusha provides a simple and safe way for Tigo customers to electronically reload, compared to scratch cards, where customers have to ensure the safety of the airtime voucher.
Meanwhile, should the need arise, customers can access the company’s 24-hour support network through WhatsApp.
As we look ahead, it is good to know that companies like Tigo are going the extra mile to provide a quality service for its customers.
Let us hope that the country’s telecom sector continues to get the support it needs to allow us to keep connected to our family, friends and colleagues around the world.