Charge your phone faster when on airplane mode

Wednesday October 20 2021
Plane pic
By Ramadhani Ismail

Are you aware that there is a technique you can use it to make your phone charge faster?
Every day, technology comes with new features for its users, among them the fast charge technology. Now, not every smart phone has the ability to charge quickly as this technology has come with phones that have been released from 2019.
If you are using a smart phone that launched in 2012 and it’s charging takes up to 3 hours, then say goodbye to that problem. Today I am going to teach you a trick that uses your phone’s airplane mode to charge your phone faster.

Airplane mode

Most of us have seen this service on our phones and a large portion of us have never even touched it.
One of the biggest draws on your battery is the network signal. As a general rule, the worse your signal, the faster and your battery will drain and that’s why science explains that using Wi-Fi networks will help keep your device running much longer without draining your battery.
Consequently, if you live in an area with a poor signal, charging your phone takes longer than if you reside in a place with a strong signal because the signal eats through your power as you charge.

The quick solution?
Put your phone on airplane mode before you plug it in. Testing suggests that it could reduce the amount of time needed for a full charge by as much as 25 percent.
To put your phone into airplane mode, simply swipe down on the notification bar and tap the airplane mode icon which is an image of an aeroplane. Alternatively, you can go to your settings select the network and internet option and turn on your airplane mode.
Just make sure you turn it off again once your battery is full, because if you forget to do that no one will be chance to reach your mobile number.