Five tips to keep your devices secure from hackers

Wednesday October 20 2021
Hack pic
By Ramadhani Ismail

Recently, there have been lot of complaints by smartphone and PC users in the country that their information is being hacked even though they have their devices all the time.
Hackers use a variety of methods to make sure that they have your information such bank accounts, social media details and secret files. We found different types of hackers like those whose goal is to completely destroy your life by exposing confidential details, those who improve the system of the company by finding bugs and malware and those who steal money from your accounts.
You may be wondering, why hackers target you while you consider yourself a normal person. Hackers believe that people who are normal are the easy target and that’s why they use very simple methods to make sure they own your information.
Here are five things that will help keep your information protected:

1. Download apps and files from trusted sources
Most of us like to download things from sites that are not secure enough and this is very popular with Android users compared to IPhone users. Android users have plenty of different sites to download their files but doing so puts you at risk of being hacked because the applications and files that you have downloaded may be taking your information so make sure you download from trusted sources.

2. Avoid using public Wi-Fi

One of the things that we Tanzanians prefer is access to free internet services such as hotspot and Wi-Fi however, it is important to be careful with things that are free and public.
Hackers prefer to use this technique to get your IP address and once they have it, they will be able to anything from your device.

3. Use a pin/password on your device

Using a password on your device is one of the safest ways to make sure you are safe with hackers. Hackers love the little things we often do wrong for example not to using passwords.


4. Update your device regularly

A large percentage of mobile and PC users around the world tend to be reluctant to do updates on their phones, which leads to being too close to hackers.
Updates in your device help to you to be more secure and that is why tech companies regularly provide updates that keep you safe from every tech spy that.

5. Make sure you turn off all sensors and your camera

The main reason why your phone is called a smart phone is due to its great capabilities. These phones also have technologies called sensors, whose function is to make sure you have access to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Location and many more.
Make sure when you finish using these, you turn them off. Most operating systems come with automatic shutdown services.
If you use your PC or desktop regularly, try to close the camera, or put something over your camera to make sure that hackers don’t watch your activity through your webcam.