War on global climate change knows no bounds

The concentration of people, industries, and infrastructure leaves African cities especially vulnerable to climate change, and at the same time uniquely placed to combat it. PHOTO|FILE


  • This is regardless of how much a given country, a human being, any living organism contributes to the major causes of the global climate change.

The Word was alerted to the dangers of what has was modestly  referred to as ‘global climate change’ in 1988 when Professor James Hansen  of Columbia University testified as much in the US Congress. [<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Hansen>]
Put very briefly, ‘Global Climate Change particularly refers “the change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.
In consequence whereof, all living things on Planet Earth this side of Heaven – spearheaded by Humans, as the Three Sisters of Fate would no doubt have it – must wage war on the seemingly relentless, endless calamity.
But – if only by parity of reasoning – for the war to be both functional and effective/successful, it must also be global in every sense of the phraseology.
This is NOT an ideological was between the West and East;
Nor is it a war between Capitalism and Communism/Socialism.
It is NOT a War between the Haves and Haven-ots; between the Developed World and the Underdeveloped/Developing World…
It is a world war which is bound to have devastating effect on every country, every human being, every living organisim if it is not surmounted early enough.
This is regardless of how much a given country, a human being, any living organism contributes to the major causes of the global climate change.
We are told that, for example the African Continent of 1.38 billion human population and $2.6 trillion nominal GDP in 2019 contributes only 4 percent to the direct greenhouse gas emissions.
This is compared to 30 contributed by the United States Alone.
With $20 trillion nominal in GDP, The US – self-styled ‘Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free’ – is also home to 329 million otherwise innocent folk – all of whom are liable to be annihilated by the global climate change as perish will all of us in Africa, if we don’t win the war on global climate change!
As I have already said here in above – and I say it again herein below: the war against the global climate change is for us all
Take, for instance, the clearly innovative and enterprising way that the Italy –based OffGridSun is going about fighting global climate change.
Working in close collaboration with the Dar es Salaam-based Tanzania Renewable Association (TAREA) and mysterious Mutina Group, the three have initiated and are implementing a Project titled “Clean Cooking to Combat climate change in Tanzania”, starting in Morogoro Region.
The project promotes, bolsters and otherwise encourages the use of a specially improved cooking stoves that almost automatically reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emission.
As of today, the ‘OffGridSun’ project is already being implemented successfully in more than 2,500 households in  six Villages in Kilombero and Malinyi Districts in Morogoro Region.
The general idea is to extend and otherwise spread use of these special cooking stoves far and wide across the land.
Not only is the special cookstoves project already improving the livelihood of the  local communities where it is being implemented; it is also effectively contributing – in its own ‘crudimentary’ way, one may be forgiven for saying – to the war on global climate change.
If you are genuinely interested in saving the World/Africa/Tanzania/your folk, etc. from the ravages of the global Climate change, then contact Off GridSun [255755086462/ 393516142230] for details on programmes scheduled for February 15 and 17 this year Cheers!