Men, women and their car preferences

Saturday September 11 2021
Men pic
By Marete Wa Marete

Men and women have different world-views no matter what the feminists have told you. I am not writing as a psychologist but as one who is of age, having made a million errors, some of which have been costly.

What I don’t understand is that while a woman on average is given the grasp of the finer details, man’s world-view is always blanket thoughts. I will explain. For instance, if I was given a choice between building or repairing the window and the curtains that I would need, the most likely answer is that I would choose the former. My wife on the other hand will be visualising the colour, design and even the texture of the curtains.

For most men, it is whether an item works or not. For instance, a woman is more likely to buy a certain model of a car with a colour like yellow or red. Women appreciate colours and sleekness of a car than men. Given a choice, an average man would buy an off-roader. A car like those vintage Land Rovers 109 and 110 series will be a real turn on for men especially after they have been pimped up. Some vehicles like the Hammer are as ugly as they come; but men still love them. Imagine if I went shopping for a car, I would not want to involve my wife because I am sure that she would settle for those sleek “feminine” cars and not one that has grilles that remind you of a warthog trying to smile. When you see cars that are preferred by women, they all have this sort of soya bean shape, and they’re all halfway between a crossover and a SUV.

A rugged crazy look

Ok men also are very keen of speed and utilitarian qualities like off-road qualities. Men under 40 will most likely go for the sporty Subaru with a snout like that of a pig but with speed and maneuverability of a lion.


Past 50 like this writer, perhaps and respectability becomes keyed into our mind. We go for a Mercedes or Range Rover or a top-of-range Toyota that is a status symbol.

Although this is not the rule-of-the-thumb, a woman will pick a nice looking car if they can afford and certainly not black. Will most likely waste their time pimping up a 1970 Land Rover.