DEAR DIARY: Respecting the rights of women

Saturday September 17 2016

In this issue we look at how a project in Mtwara has changed the lives of women by transforming men. Women in Mtwara and Lindi were victims of gender inequality, but that all changed when an organisation embarked on a project to educate men about equal rights and how to treat women.

This marked a new dawn as families were made whole again. 

Gender equality is a topic that has been discussed, dissected and investigated to full lengths for centuries.We’ve heard firsthand accounts from victims, some too dreadful to even fathom, that show just how devastating the matter of gender equality really is.

Women have suffered a great deal at the hands of some men. Some only gather the courage to speak about physical abuse behind closed doors, while others have chosen the path commonly travelled by most African women; endurance.

We should not endure abusive relationships.

Gender abuse is something that needs to be nipped in the bud before it becomes common place. Nobody deserves to be  mistreated in  a relationship. We need to respect the rights of women, it is not too hard.


Victims of gender inequality have talso narrated to us that they witnessed  great gender equality movements that seemed to runs out of steam and only wait for women days to hold placards.

This too has been blamed for gender inequality.

As a society, we are equipped with the means to abolish gender inequality in its many forms. We know what the problem is, the cause, and parties involved.

When we decide to investigate a matter concerning gender inequality, we need to be cognizant of the many underlying reasons of why it still exists to date.

It’s like a rash that never truly goes away, but becomes more irritating with each scratch.

Gender inequality is deeply rooted in society so concerted efforts are neccessary to put it to an end.

We should explore our arsenal of thoughts when dealing with a matter that touches the lives of millions of people.

Women should be hailed as mothers of the nation, instead of being condemned to a world of inequality and abuse.