Humans aren't the only ones going a bit crazy about love

What you need to know:

Though animal passion is largely a figment of fantasy, it turns out that some animals actually experience romantic love.

Valentine's Day isn’t just for humans! Animals in the forest also engage in some of the most heartwarming and romantic behaviours.

Today I'm talking about animal passion and romance, just as Steve Miller, the American musician, once sang, "Jungle love! It's driving me mad. It’s making me crazy.” Though animal passion is largely a figment of fantasy, it turns out that some animals actually experience romantic love.

The day your heart heavily lands on someone, you'll go a bit 'insaaaaaaaane'.  Right! It's time to look at animal passion, from extravagant displays of affection to lifelong partnerships. The following are some of the most romantic animals from which we can draw some lessons:

Gibbons, the soulful duets with complex songs: If you see a male and a female Gibbon singing together, you'll think it's a duet of Diana Ross and Lionel Richie singing “Endless Love." These intelligent birds are known for their soulful duets. The mated pair partners often sing complex songs to each other to strengthen their bonds. Moreover, the pair-in-love often match their calls, creating a harmonious melody that resonates throughout the jungle pavilion.

Last Friday, I'd a fun package to my wife. I sang a love song to her. She enjoys these fun moments. She laughed and smiled for the rest of the passionate night. I've learnt the "Gibbon thing" by singing to my lover. It's beautiful; the atmosphere was just electric! Believe me!

Swans and their graceful courtship rituals: Often pictured as symbols of love, swans are famous for their graceful courtship rituals, including swimming together, head-bobbing, wing-flapping, and even forming heart shapes with their necks.

Come on, couples! Let's kiss, cuddle, peck, pat, and pet. Mouth-sucking can draw us into an emotional world that belongs only to us as lovers. Do you court your spouse? Let's order our jungles by going to a quiet place where "we can do our stuff".

Albatrosses, majestic seabirds with lifelong monogamous relationships: Albatrosses engage in elaborate dances to strengthen their bonds. They gracefully weave and intertwine their necks, touch bills, and spread their wings in coordinated movements. Tell you what? Everything makes sense when our love is permanent, not temporal! Enjoy!

Penguins and their dedication to partners and offspring: Penguins share parental duties and huddle during harsh winter weather to keep each other warm. They also give their partners gifts. Emulate this family commitment.

Elephants and their deep emotional connection: Elephants express emotions in the form of a loud, rumbling mass of flapping ears, clicked tusks, and entwined trunks. They lean on each other, rubbing each other and spinning around, all to express sheer delight. These largest land animals on planet Earth exuberantly express joy, anger, grief, compassion, and love. 

Lastly, like these wonderful animals, let's treat our partners with sheer delight, dwelling together peacefully. Go for an impeccable form of affection and love, bringing to our homes state-of-the-art friendship, reassurance, and romance. Being crazily-in-love!

Amani Kyala is a counsellor, writer, and teacher, 0626 512 144