Apple’s new gadget line-up

Monday October 18 2021
Apple PIC
By Ramadhani Ismail

After we saw the launch of the much anticipated iPhone 13 line-up with the biggest improvement in camera technology, the company is expected to launch even more tech in the near future.
The Cupertino company, are expected to launch new hardware today on October 18. Amongst the products to be launched, we expect to have new silicon chip and new macs computers on the line-up.
Products to be on the lookout for today:

 New MacBook pro with SD card Slot and HDMI port.
Since 2016, MacBook pro models lacked the SD card slot and HDMI, all these because of the introduction of the USB type C, so in order to introduce the new hardware, they had to remove others parts from the PC

Affordable Airpods 3.
The tech guru company will introduce its new and affordable airpods. The pods were expected to launch during the iPhone 13 presentation but due to some issues within the Company, they are more likely to be launched today.

 MacOS 12 Monterey
For those who are use Mac devices, they are aware of the mac OS, after the release of the iPad OS, IOS, WatchOs. Apple is expected to release its long awaited new OS 12 that comes with a host of new features.

 New Mac chip-the M1X
After rumours circulated for a long time when Apple ditched the Intel chip, the company is now expected to introduce its new chip that will power all their MacBook products. These chips have 10 core CPU which means that MacBooks will have the power to run faster and more efficiency compared to the last models.