How to Deal with a Bad String of Luck When Playing Online Casinos


We are all aware that the online casino industry is booming in recent times. There are several reasons behind this trend. One factor involves the simple fact that the majority of consumers utilise their smartphones to conveniently access portals while out and about. This has led to the rise of countless applications which are dedicated to the casino sector. The recent global pandemic has likewise caused fans of physical gaming establishments to turn to the virtual community in order to play the games that they have come to enjoy.

While this is great news for the online marketplace as a whole, there can still be times when individual players happen to fall upon a streak of bad luck. What are some of the ways in which this sentiment can be countered? Might it even be possible to capitalise on specific offers in order to start off with a "clean slate"? Both of these questions will be addressed immediately below.

Keep Things in Perspective

A bit of psychology can go a long way when grappling with a recent loss. This is why one of the first steps involves accepting that things did not turn out as planned. Such an approach is particularly useful when referring to games that are predominantly random in nature. Two prime examples are roulette and slots.

Another important step is associated with knowing when to say when. Some individuals will "double down" every time a loss occurs. The main intention here is to suddenly stumble upon a winning streak in order to reverse recent events. The problem is that this will often result in even further stress upon what is normally a limited bankroll. It is therefore better to walk away (temporarily) as opposed to digging an even deeper proverbial hole.

The Technical Side of Things

Let's now move on to discuss some of the ways in which losses can be mitigated. One powerful concept is known as the return-to-player (RTP). The RTP is nothing more than a figure (expressed in the form of a percentage) of how often a player will be provided with some type of in-game reward. Most quality online casinos offer RTPs above 95 per cent. In other words, losses are less likely to occur over time. When they do, it is possible to offset them with free spins, bonus rounds and similar offers.

Another practical strategy involves discovering which casinos provide the most tempting rewards packages. Examples include first-time registration bonuses, VIP programmes, referral rewards, and similar schemes. Check this comparison to learn about these and other offers. The main takeaway point is that such opportunities are great ways to begin building up a depleted bankroll within a relatively short period of time.

The fact of the matter is that losses can and will occur on occasion. This is why the best approach is to accept such situations as a part of life and look towards the digital horizon. There is no doubt that this mindset will pay off in the long run.