Three Easy Ways to Earn PLAY Tokens Through PlayDoge's Upcoming Game

What you need to know:

  • The PLAY token is PlayDoge’s native cryptocurrency, and it represents the heart of its ecosystem.

PlayDoge (PLAY) is one of the most popular crypto presales today. The project has created an app version of the popular toy from the ‘90s known as Tamagotchi, and it allows users to get their own digital pet, which they must train, play with, and feed regularly. However, in return, they also get the chance to earn PLAY tokens.

How To Earn PLAY From PlayDoge’s Game?

The PLAY token is PlayDoge’s native cryptocurrency, and it represents the heart of its ecosystem. Right now, the tokens are available in presale only, but once the project’s game launches, there will be three different ways to earn them.

The first one is to simply continue engaging with your 2D pet. If you do it regularly and keep your pet fed, happy, and healthy through exercise and playtime, you will be rewarded not only by its longevity but also by PLAY tokens.

Apart from that, the game will also feature mini-games, and assuming that you and your pet have built a strong relationship, you will be able to complete these mini-games together. Doing so will reward the players with even more PLAY tokens, which you can use in-game or withdraw to your wallet, or use them in a crypto exchange for trading.

Finally, the third way to earn PLAY tokens through the PlayDoge game is to reach the top of the leaderboard. Essentially, those who play through the PlayDoge app will be granted entry onto the Leaderboard, and players can earn XP by caring for their Doge’s basic needs and completing levels in the mini-games.

By collecting XP, they can continuously climb the leaderboard, with those with the highest XP on the board earning bonus PLAY tokens, as well as other special rewards. The project also stressed that only PLAY token holders will be eligible to earn the rewards, so while it might be tempting to trade your PLAY tokens away, keeping them could bring even greater benefits.

In fact, if you stake them, you will be entitled to the benefits from the leaderboard, rewards from staking, and you will hold the value of the tokens themselves.

PlayDoge Presale Continues To Grow

As mentioned, it is possible to get PLAY tokens through the project’s presale right now. The project’s ICO has been ongoing for over a month now, and so far, it has managed to raise over $5.3 million. The token’s value sits at $0.00514 as of July 2, but the token is scheduled to see another price increase very soon.

But, even if you miss the chance to buy before that happens, PLAY will stay in presale for a while longer, with many more scheduled increases to come, so whenever you buy it, as long as it is as early as you can, you will stand to benefit.

Once you decide to make this step, you can buy PLAY with ETH, USDT, BNB, or credit/debit cards. So, for the best experience and maximum profit, join the project’s presale as soon as possible and stake it to win even more rewards.