Shilole speaks broken English deliberately to leave fans with a smile


Dar es Salaam. Renowned film and music artist Zena Mohammed, alias Shilole, has revealed that her humorous attempts at speaking English are deliberate, aiming to spread laughter and joy among her fans.

The Sitaki Mazoea hitmaker, who is also an entrepreneur in the food industry, has frequently been heard speaking broken English. This has led to mixed reactions from fans, with some advising her to stick to Swahili.

"I am a comedian, and I like to see people laugh when I speak. That's why I speak broken English so that people can laugh; it makes me happy," she explained.

"I have a deep passion for comedy. Mixing up my English words is just my way of making people laugh." Despite the criticisms, Shilole remains undeterred, firmly believing in the power of laughter.

So, the next time you hear Shilole's broken English, remember its all part of the act, designed to brighten your day and leave you with a smile.