2Nice Mnyama releases new project in Africa

2Nice Mnyama

 Alphonse Mulumba aka 2Nice Mnyama has made clear his intention to release a massive project which he has christened,'Touch' in  collaboration with Zimbabwean star Herman.

 Mnyama who hails from Canada has had the habit of doing many of his works in Africa since he kicked off his artistic journey several years ago until now he is doing well with the project which has started doing well on various music charts in Africa.

 In addition to the project, 2Nice Mnyama has been using his position of influence in the community to help poor families as well as identify talents and manage them through his Money Gang Empire (MGE) label.

 "I am grateful that the Touch project has been well received around the world, especially in Africa, the goal of Money Gang Empire is to touch the lives of fans and support various talents," said 2Nice Mnyama.