A gospel EP making waves in East Africa

Monday June 14 2021
By The Citizen Reporter

Recently, The Citizen caught up with a talented gospel artiste making a name through a new Extended Play (EP) on the global digital platform.

Among the hottest EPs in the gospel music industry at the moment is Season One from the Lord's anointed, Icha Kavons, a music star from Canada.

Despite the fact that the EP came out last month, it's already doing well on various music platforms so its goal of proclaiming the word of God is fulfilled as he explains in this interview with The Citizen.

Q: Why did you decide to release an EP and not an album as some singers do?

Icha: Two factors made me decide to release an EP before my album: First, my album is not yet ready. Stilly tying a few loose ends. Second, I have been absent for about two years. As a result of my absenteeism, it became apparent that my album needed more time before being released.


Q: How many songs does Season One EP contain?

Icha: My EP “Season One” only has 3 songs, but I promise you will love all of them.

Q: How have gospel fans received your EP?

Icha: The EP was release on May 28 2021, so it’s still too early to fully grasp how people have received the EP. But, there are no complaints, so, so far so good.


Q: What life-changing lessons can people draw from your EP?

Icha: My EP encourages people to not give up no matter what situation they are facing, and to always trust in God because he never fails.

Q: Why did you decide to publish your EP more in Africa, especially here in East Africa?

Icha: My EP is published worldwide on all digital platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube but for those in East Africa you can stream my music on Boomplay. I have a growing fan-base in Africa so I want my fans to enjoy the best of what I deliver.