Actress Lupita steps into the Serengeti for the first time

Monday April 05 2021
Lupita pic
By Lilian Ndilwa

Dar es Salaam. Actress Lupita Nyong’o has on April 5, 2021,revealed  that she has finally stepped into the Serengeti Park for the first time.

She posted a selfie with an elephant on her Instagram account captioned ‘This is not a zoom background, I promise!’ with a hashtag ‘#elphie in the Serengeti’.

The Mexican-born Kenyan actress and Oscar winner is rumored to have traveled to Serengeti following The Discovery series dubbed “Serengeti”, In which she is one of the narrators.

The six episodes of the nature documentary has already filmed and edited before Nyong’o recorded her narration.

The show itself came with the idea of showcasing the region’s natural beauty and its heritage to viewers in Africa. 

On Lupita’s Instagram story, she showed videos of friends and herself in a plane as well as other videos of taking the Covid-19 test on arrival before being allowed to adventure the wildlife national park.