Bongo Flava artistes to rock ZIFF

Friday June 24 2022
Mabantu pic
By Ramadhani Ismail

Bongo Flava artistes are expected to entertain at the 25th edition of the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) which began on June 18 with a climax set for June 26.
They will Singeli singers, Bongo Flava, taarab and traditional songs are expected to serenade festival goers who have so far been treated to several African made films at the Ngome Kongwe’s Mambo Club.
Speaking about the performance the festival’s entertainment coordinator Ibrahim Mitawi said that, on Friday June 24, Mabantu will rock the festival stage with their hits songs such as 'Star', 'Utamu' and many others.
June 25 has been designated as the Singeli Night because with artistes such as Meja Kunta, Dullah Makabila and Mzee wa Bwax performing at the iconic venue.
According to Meja Kunta this is his first time to perform at the festival and he is excited to be on the Spice Island saying fans should expect something unique.
The last day of the festival which is also the awards night on June 26, Bahati Female Band get the stage rocking with their energetic performances
More than 100 film have been shown during this year’s festival, with visitors from more than 30 countries visiting the island to sample artistic creations of local artistes and.