Diamond Platinumz: I don’t buy Youtube views, it is all about good music

Thursday January 28 2021
By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam.  Bongo Flava star Diamond Plutinumz has on Thursday January 28 said he has never thought of buying Youtube views, instead, he believes in making good music as the only thing that has brought him to where he is today.

The WCB CEO who has over 1 billion views on Youtube was speaking on Wasafi FM’s 'The Switch' saying he invests a lot of money in his videos therefore he does not see any reason why he would ‘pay’ for views.

“When we were blacked out on several media outlets we invested in social media platforms where we now have almost 5 million subscribers, this means that once I post a video there will be some 300k ready to watch,” said Diamond Platnumz who is preparing for the grand finale of the ‘Tumewasha na Tigo’ festival

He added: It would be very unrealistic after spending money on a video then I again pay for views which don’t help me at all, at the end of the day I would like to do something the measures whether I am growing or not.

According to him it is just a mindset that he thinks is finally fading out with more artistes starting to understand that it is just more about producing good music.

“Just yesterday I was asking one of my assistants to find out how much money the song ‘Waah’ has made,” he said.


He said not everyone can release a song and it goes on trending on Number One or even Number 5 but if it is good song it will definitely get there.

“For example Rostam, how come their songs go to Number one, the other day Stamina released a single with Prof Jay, and it got to the top as well, so we have to believe in good songs,” he said.