Diamond Platnumz saddened by Hanstone EP

Wednesday October 20 2021
By Ramadhani Ismail

Dar es Salaam. Bongo Flava artiste and composer, Hanstone has broken the surprise that had been prepared by his boss Diamond Platnumz as the latest recruit in the WCB stable.
Recently, Hanstone released his EP "Amazing" which raised a lot of questions because it has long been known that Hanstone is a WCB artist despite not being officially introduced. 

Many wondered why WCB members didn’t post his EP on their widely popular social network pages
The issue raised many questions with other speculating that the crooner had resigned from the label .

 Close sources claim that Hanstone was part of the label even before Zuchu, but due to the company's procedures Zuchu had to be introduced first.

Through a meeting held with Baba Levo talking to reporters about his new contract with the bet company, Baba Levo decided to talk about what was going on with Hanstone and the WCB label.
Speaking to reporters, Baba Levo claimed that Diamond Platnumz had lots of plans to surprise Hanstone after his US tour.
"Diamond Platnumz had planned to make a surprise for Hanstone, but the artiste made mistake of releasing his EP without the cooperation of his boss," said Baba Levo.
In addition to Diamond wanting to surprise him, like other artistes who are under WCB, Hanstone signed an airtight contract that makes it difficult for him to leave without mutual consent.
"Hanstone signed a lifetime contract like other artistes, so releasing an EP without notice and disappearing for no reason is a serious matter," said Baba Levo.
However, Baba Levo asked the fans to pray for Hanstone, that when Diamond Platnumz returns home, there will be no conflict and they will be able to resolve the issues amicably.
Hanstone has in the past worked with several Bongo Flava artistes such as Nandy and Maua Sama.