Harmonize and Diamond’s WCB contractual saga far from over

Wednesday January 15 2020
pic harmo

Bongo Flava artiste Harmonize parted ways with Wasafi establishment  several months ago to  concentrate on his Konde Gang, however it has emerged that the two sides are yet to settle the claims.

Harmonize aka Konde Boy was reportedly contracted to the Wasafi Records which is headed by Diamond for 10 years.

When he chose to leave WCB at his own accord the record label slapped him with what has been widely reported as a Sh 500 million settlement fees.

Speaking exclusively today on the sidelines of the signing of an endorsement with Sayona Twist in Dar es Salaam the singer said his side was yet to settle the claims that were put on the table by WCB.

“We are working on the most amicable way to settle this issue but as for now we have not and once all has been settled we shall call for a news conference where we shall announce the details,” said the blond haired artiste.

It is still not clear whether the settlements had an expiry date or not, as both sides remain coy on the details of the agreement.


The singer also announced that he would be going on a tour sponsored by his new partners Sayona, one that will take him to Mbeya, Mtwara, Bukoba and Dar es Salaam among others.

On New Year’s Eve, the singer held a sold-out concert in his home town of Mtwara whereas his former boss and mentor Diamond performed to tens of thousands at the Lake Tanganyika Stadium in Kigoma.