Harmonize’s marriage on the rocks after revealing secret daughter with another woman

Friday December 04 2020
harmo pic
By Mpoki Thomson

We’re coming towards the end of 2020, a year marred by a lot of uncertainties, shocks, and looks like it’s now time for revelations.

On December 03, Instagram was sent ablaze when Bongo Flava artiste Rajabu Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize revealed to the world that he had begotten a daughter over a year ago with a woman who sadly in this scenario isn’t his wife, Sarah.

It was a knife to the gut to some of his fans who’d hailed Harmonize to the highest of standards in terms of decorum on and off the stage. But, if events that have happened over the recent years in Bongo Flava are anything to go by, this new revelation fits right into the playbook.

In a moving and lengthy Instagram post, Harmonize first started by apologizing to his loved ones, his wife, but most especially his daughter, Zulekha, whom he says he felt compelled to conceal from the rest of the world for fear of being chastised.

“The truth will set you free. It doesn’t matter to what extent, or the timing, but I believe by putting this out there I will feel liberated. First off let me start by saying I’m sorry to my Princess for not ever being proud of you for one year and seven months. Forgive me for not sparing time to check on you when you were sick for fear of jeopardizing my current relationship,” wrote Harmonize.


He continued: “Forgive me my daughter for making you feel like you came into this world by mistake. You didn’t get a chance to feel your father’s warm embrace. I kept you hidden from the world and you missed out on all the fame that I, your father have been blessed with.”

Harmonize did, however, reveal that in spite of the fact that he kept his daughter Zulekha hidden from the world, he still provided for her and her mother. But he faulted himself for not being physically present for her and stated that all these material things are immaterial when they are devoid of true love and the affection of a father.

The touching words from the Konde Gang CEO sent shock waves across the entertainment industry and social media. This was particularly due to the fact that Harmonize in 2019 tied the knot with his Italian lover Sarah Michelotti.


Sarah was a point of focus in this developing saga. Harmonize made it apparent that he had informed her of the begotten child and had profusely apologized to her for his indiscretion. He further reiterated that apology on the public post.

“Zulekha is my first love, whom I kept hidden from the world because I was in a relationship with another woman for a very long time,” part of the post read.

It looks like Harmonize finally decided to lay bare all the secrets that were hidden in the closet and he is ready to face the repercussions.

But, in another twist of events, Harmonize’s wife, Sarah, posted a rebuttal post on her Instagram handle hours after Harmonize's shocking post with what seemed like documented evidence showing that Harmonize is allegedly not the father of the baby he had earlier revealed.

In a lengthy Insta post of her own, Sarah, who’s Italian by nationality updated a post written in Kiswahili negating all the claims that were made by her husband on his post of revelation. “People are really desperate, you’ve done a DNA test twice on the baby and the results came back negative, showing that you’re not the father. But since you’ve failed to father a child of your own you are now claiming someone else’s baby,” read the post by Sarah attached to photos of an alleged paternity DNA test that was supposedly conducted on the baby Harmonize claims to have fathered.


Sarah concluded the post by advising Harmonize to stop lying to his fans.

She was not done yet, a few hours later, Sarah posted what can only be interpreted as a farewell message to her husband. “I loved you for the person I thought you were, I gave you all the happiness which you failed to reciprocate. You’ve revealed to me that you are a man with no respect, a liar, someone who doesn’t know how to keep a wife like me or to be proud of the person who gave you a good life. I’ve been through a lot in this fake relationship x marriage. If I reveal everything everyone will be shocked. You are two-faced. You didn’t even appreciate what I did for you and now it is too late. Life will teach you the lessons you deserve for what you’ve done and now I will be focusing on my life,” read the post.