Jay Z deletes Instagram account again!

Thursday November 04 2021
By Ramadhani Ismail

Rapper Jay Z has again deleted his Instagram account after 24 hours just as once did in 2015.
Jay-Z joined Instagram on Wednesday, Novermber 3 and followed just one account – his wife Beyonce’s.

The rapper and businessman, real name Shawn Carter, shared his first post on the social media site as @jayz on Wednesday morning featuring the forthcoming film The Harder They Fall, which tells a fictional story based on real-life of  black cowboys from American history.

In 2015 The Hip-hop legend opened IG under the name @Hovsince96, posting a picture of him with late pop star Michael Jackson wishing him a happy birthday
With a caption that said it will be the last time for Jay Z to use the social network.

The post raised a lot of questions as to whether it was Jay Z himself or not?, but later on it was confirmed after music executive Michael Kyser, who is also a close friend to Jay Z, posted the picture on Instagram and persuaded people to follow Jay Z through the account @Hovsince96,
Despite the single post, Jay-Z’s account had more than 1.4 million followers within six hours.
 This is dwarfed by his music superstar wife Beyonce, who has 216 million followers on Instagram, but she swiftly followed the new account back, making her husband the first person she has connected to on the social media platform.
Currently Beyonce follows no account.