Model Flaviana Matata opens up about her divorce

Friday November 19 2021
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Flaviana Matata. PHOTO | FILE


For the first time international model Flaviana Matata has opened up about her broken marriage two years later.

Flaviana made it clear that her marriage ended in 2019 while sharing her views on an English-singer and songwriter, Adele’s interview with Oprah about her life and divorce.

The model, whose rumour of divorce was circulating on social media platforms, says she kept quite because “the internet didn’t let me breath,”

Flaviana adds that it was as if she had killed someone.

“Before shaming people on getting divorced please try to have empathy. No one gets married so they can get divorced. Speaking from my personal experience, we got divorced in 2019, it was as if I had killed someone,” writes Flaviana

She says she has made peace with that and she is currently in a very good space with herself,


“We are not helping anyone by shaming someone when a marriage doesn’t work out and this is the reason why people stay in miserable, abusive and toxic marriages.” says Ms Matata