YouTube to remove dislike count button

Friday November 19 2021
Youtube pic
By Ramadhani Ismail

Early this week, YouTube announced that they will start making the dislike counts private to subscribers.
Dislike button has been in use for decade on the platform to help subscribers know if the content uploaded is good or bad, fake or newsworthy.
According to the YouTube head creator, Matt Koval, the move is aim to help small content creators succeed and feel safe from harassment and to allow them express themselves.
The button will be there and you will be able to dislike it, but you won’t be able to see the counts.
The update has created lots of tension globally.
In Tanzania the entertainment industry has reacted on it and going against what others think of the dislikes counts.
Speaking to the Citizen, content creators in the film and music industry expressed their reaction to YouTube's decision, for a long time these creators were getting wrong feedback from people they dislike a lot.
Lovin Keffa an actor who has his own channel where he posts short films, says he has become the victim of people who dislike his work without leaving a comment on what he needs to improve.
“It’s really disappointing seeing people dislike your work without leaving comments on what you need to improve, so removing dislike is helpful for us,” he said.
Bongo Flava artiste  Tunyi, said the dislike count is the number one reason why many people hate and some have stopped creating content that is useful for their fans.
Joseph Samuel, who is a subscriber on tech content, he found that it's okay to dislike so that you can show people content is boring and doesn’t provide much details.
YouTube co-founder,   updated the description of the first-ever video uploaded on the streaming platform titled, “Me at the zoo”, stating that YouTube’s decision to no longer publicly show dislike counts “is a stupid idea”.
The updated description on the video streaming platform now reads: “When every YouTuber agrees that removing dislikes is a stupid idea, it probably is. Try again, YouTube.”
YouTube is not the first app to come with the idea, Instagram has come across features like that on removing the like’s counts, which also bring a lot of questions.