Lissu uses campaign rallies to deliver justice message

Chadema presidential candidate Tundu Lissu (centre) in a solidarity gesture with ACT-Wazalendo Zanzibar presidential candidate Seif Sharif Hamad (right) and Chadema national chairman Freeman Mbowe during a campaign rally in Moshi yesterday. PHOTO| THE CITIZEN CORRESPONDENT

Dar es Salaam. Justice messages yesterday dominated campaign rallies of the Chadema presidential candidate, Tundu Lissu, saying if he is elected President, he will ensure that people have freedom - and nobody will be above the law.

He took a swipe at the ruling party, saying it has failed to uphold justice during the past five years.

He was addressing voters at Machame, Hai, and Moshi Town in Kilimanjaro Region as he continued with his election campaign ahead of the October 28 general election. “Sustainable development can’t be achieved in a nation where there is no justice. Justice is everything; it is key to development,” he said.

The outspoken opposition leader yesterday used a helicopter in his campaign and enjoyed a warm reception from thousands of people.

Mr Lissu - who doubles as the Chadema deputy national chairman - asserted that his administration would also come up with a new constitution. Furthermore, he pledged to offer promotions and increase salaries for civil servants, including police and army officials.

While in the region yesterday, Mr Lissu used the opportunity to campaign for the party’s parliamentary and council candidates, including the Chadema national chairman, Freeman Mbowe, who is seeking re-election in the Hai constituency. He heaped praise on Mr Mbowe, describing him as “the most prominent opposition leader” in the country for his outstanding leadership since Chadema was established.

“I urge you to also vote for our parliamentary and councillor candidates so that I can be able to appoint some of them into different positions,” Mr Lissu said.

like Prime Minister and other ministerial positions,” said Mr Lissu at the rallies.

ACT-Wazalendo Presidential candidate (in Zanzibar) Maalim Seif was among people who attended Mr Lissu’s rally in Moshi town yesterday.

Winding up his speech, Mr Lissu pledged that his administration would abandon the current Union between Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar and formulate the new one which will ‘benefit’ both sides in terms of equal utilization of the available resources.

“Convey my message to the people of Zanzibar that after winning the Presidency in the Mainland, I will ensure that they have their freedom to decide their own issues without Mainland’s influence,” he told ACT-Wazalendo leader at the occasion.