‘We shall hold General Elections despite Covid-19 threat’, says President Magufuli

President John Magufuli

Dodoma. President John Magufuli has said that despite the threat that the novel coronavirus poses, Tanzania will hold the General elections in October as scheduled.

The president was speaking in Dodoma where he received the Control and Auditor General’s report for the years 2018-2019 and the PCCB report for the similar period.

He expressed dismay at some circles that had expected work and such related meetings to stop because of the Coronavirus , because according to him even in the most affected countries parliament is still in session as usual.

“Work has to go on and that is why even parliament is moving on with its schedule,” he said.

He added: Elections will take place as scheduled and we shall not postpone.

The report that the CAG handed over today indicates among other things there are massive misappropriations in the local government authorities, where more than Sh14 billion was not spent on the intended projects.

Mr Kichere said that about Sh1.13 billion was swindled by unscrupulous officials.

 He further said that about Sh1.52 billion was used without the approval of procurement boards in various districts.

The report also indicates that Tanzania missions abroad have been using a lot of money to pay rent.