Aga Khan University project to help pastoralists’ children

Arusha Regional Deputy Administrative Secretary David Lyamongi and Aga Khan University dean launching a project to support the upbringing and development of children in the Arusha region.

Arusha. Children of pastoralist communities in the Arusha region hope to start benefiting from the nurturing and development projects that are being implemente by the Aga Khan University (AKU).

The three-year project was launched on Wednesday April 27, by Arusha Regional Commissioner John Mongella who called on all government institutions in the region to help in supporting the project.

The speech read by Arusha Regional Assistant Administrative Secretary, David Lyamongi on behalf of Mongella he noted that the project will be of great benefit to the people of Arusha as it will enable the elimination of child development challenges.

The regional commissioner said “the project will assist in policy-making and later legislation as it will be accompanied by research on child development issues”.

He said the Aga Khan Institute is a major development partner in Arusha region as it also plans to build a large and modern university in East Africa.

"We urge you to continue with the implementation of these projects so that they can be used to educate more young people and increase employment in the Arusha region", he said.

Earlier on the launch Professor a lecturer in the Institute for Human Development Amina Abubakary said the project aims to improve people's lives, development, upbringing and human development as it will go together with research in the community.

"We hope to provide training in these communities and conduct research to ensure we reduce the challenges in the community," he said.

For her part, the university dean Professor Jane Rarieya said the project aims to benefit the community that is lagging behind where children face challenges in development, upbringing and development.