Black Wall Street to strike Africa’s first economic war blow

Charles Lambert

Charles Lambert is leading Africa’s first economic war as the economic activist spearheading The Black Wall Street Economic War which is set to Strike Africa’s first economic war blow.
 According to Charles, the show is on the anniversary of the 99th year of the Black Wall Street in Tulsa.
An Economic War, is a commerce-driven, orchestrated attempt, to balance altered trade deficit for a region. This is done by simply ensuring that money leaving the continent is controlled, to avoid the haemorrhage of funds and capital flight.
Every Continent in the World, apart from Africa, has engaged and continues to engage in economic wars to ensure that their citizens and economies are on a positive and progressive position. Since 2017, America has engaged China in an economic war, which has helped the US economy in Job creation and balance of trade deficit.
 Britain’s desire to leave the EU was born and driven by the desire to protect their economy. The US has also taken the Economic War to its neighbours, including Mexico, and Canada, for the North America Trade Agreement, otherwise known as NAFTA. Germany, France, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and many other countries, are engaged in Economic wars.
Watching how much leaves their regions, through what they produce and how much is coming in. Even though some may argue that it is too late and irredeemable, it is time Africa Engaged in its very First Economic War and drive gross poverty out of the continent.
 In a statement, Charles said “Like when Yoweri Museveni attacked Kabamba barracks to signal the end of the eruptive climate Uganda had witnessed 100 years prior, and began a 5 year bush war that ultimately led to peace and tranquility that the country enjoys today.
“I am attacking the mobile devices industry in Africa ($60 billion dollars capital flight channel) with disruptive commerce to begin a massive economic war in multiple sectors for Africa’s glory.
“How long this war will last, I don’t know but seeing that hundreds of billions must be ploughed back, I have no idea but one thing I am confident of is that we will win this war and scare economic invaders from Africa for the next millennium,” he says