Four traffic police officers sacked for tampering with traffic monitoring evidence

The Tanzania Police Force spokesperson David Misime

Dar es Salaam. In a significant crackdown on corruption within the police force, four traffic police officers from Mwanga District, Kilimanjaro Region, have been dismissed for tampering with speed camera evidence.

This decisive action was confirmed by the statement from police force on July, 9 2024, signed by the Police Spokesperson, DCP David Misime, at the police headquarters in Dodoma, Tanzania.

“This action comes after a detailed investigation revealed that the officers had deleted images from police cameras used to monitor the speed of drivers, violating traffic safety regulations for their personal gain,” reads part of the statement.

However, the incident first came to light on May 30, 2024, when the police force announced their detention for investigation. Following a thorough probe, the officers were found guilty and subsequently dismissed from the force on July 8, 2024.