Government directs HESLB to ensure a smooth disbursement of loans

What you need to know:

  • The board must work for improvement of the loan service to help students fulfill their dreams of acquiring higher education.

Arusha.The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has directed Higher Education Loans Board (HESLB) to take necessary steps to ensure a smooth process in disbursing loans to students who have qualified.

 The Acting Director of Higher Education, Dr. Evaristo Mtitu pointed out that the board must work for improvement of the loan service to help students fulfill their dreams of acquiring higher education.

According to him many students have been dropping out of school due to lack of fees, funds due to the fact that many cannot apply for loans due to cumbersome processes involved.

He was speaking during a meeting between officials from HESLB, and representatives of colleges and students of institutes of higher learning, a meeting that targeted setting strategies to improve the students' loan desks.

 "I call on the higher education credit board to use this training as a springboard to bring productivity and efficiency in the planning and granting of loans to students," said the Director.

Dr. Mtitu said that the government always puts in place strategies that ensure the availability of sufficient funds to enable students in need and those from difficult economic environments to obtain higher education.

"It is my belief that students in need of higher education loans will receive sufficient and timely information on how to obtain loans and the requirements when applying for loans," said Dr. Mtitu.
He also said that after the training, HESLB should make sure that the beneficiaries get the right information and instructions.

Director of credit analysis and planning from HESLB, Veronica Nyahende added that the working session will come up with resolutions to improve the service of credit providers in order to be able to reach the beneficiaries who fail to fulfill the criteria of loan application.

One of the loan officers from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Santina Bugenyi said that the challenge they are facing is that some higher education students postpone their studies due to lack of money to fund their full fees, so she is asking the board to create an environment for access to loans and the provision of information to the beneficiaries.

On the other hand the commissioner of loans for colleges and universities in the country, Emmanuel Martine, lauded government efforts to allocate Sh573 billion for higher education.