More pain for motorists as fuel prices hit the roof

Wednesday August 03 2022
Fuel pic
By Bethsheba Wambura

Dar es Salaam. Tanzania's Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura) has announced new cap prices for fuel that took effect today, August 3.
In the new list, prices for petrol and diesel have risen to the levels never recorded before in the local market.
A litre of petrol in Dar es Salaam will cost Sh3, 410 up from Sh3, 220 an increase of Sh190, whereas a litre of diesel will go for Sh3,322 from 3, 143 of the preceding month.
For motorists accessing fuel from Tanga port, a litre of petrol will cost Sh3, 584 whereas a litre of the diesel trade for Sh3, 929
In southern part of Tanzania, Mtwara port the litre of petrol will cost Sh 3,762 and that of the diesel will trade at Sh 3,933.
The price of Kerosene for Mtwara and Tanga will same as Dar es Salaam at Sh3, 765 per litre.
“Oil Marketing Companies are free to sell their products at a price that gives them a competitive advantage provided that, such price does not exceed the price cap,” Ewura said in a statement signed by its director general Modestus Lumato.
However, according to Ewura, fuel prices would have been higher without government’s monthly subsidy of Sh100billion.
Without the subsidies, the price of fuel would have been Sh3, 630 per litre of petrol, and Sh 3, 734 for litre of diesel.