New dawn for MCL as it ‘builds together’

Thursday June 23 2022
Motto pic

NMG Board Chairman, Dr. Wilfred Kiboro, MCL Managing Director Bakari Machumu and MCL Board Chairman Leonard Mususa during the motto launch on Thursday June 23, 2022 at MCL HQ Tabata Relini, Dar es Salaam.

By Bethsheba Wambura

Dar es Salaam. Mwananchi Communications Limited (MCL) has adopted a new motto as part of its business transformation strategy.

MCL, known predominantly as a publisher of newspapers, is pursuing a vision of becoming a fully-fledged digital organization that offers tangible value to different audiences across various news products and spaces, and to clients in its other businesses, from printing to parcel handling via its courier service.

The motto, “Building Together”, seeks to rally MCL staff around a shared purpose, and improve efficiency.  It was unveiled Thursday, June 23, at company headquarters in Tabata Relini, Dar es Salaam, at a ceremony officiated by Nation Media Group (NMG) Board Chairman, Dr Wilfred Kiboro. MCL is a subsidiary of NMG.

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NMG Board Chairman, Dr. Wilfred Kiboro addressing MCL staffs. With him in the photo are MCL Managing Director Bakari Machumu and (right) and MCL Board Chairman Leonard Mususa.

In his address to MCL staff, Dr Kiboro acknowledged the challenge of declining circulation, pointing out that many young people no longer read newspapers because they get all; the news they want online.

“To make sure they are not left behind, MCL and NMG as a group must create a strategy and invest heaving in digital” he said, adding MCL must become a content creator for everyone, and develop unique products that cover every niche but remain a part of the same family of brands.


MCL is Tanzanian, and benefits Tanzanians, according to Dr Kiboro. Consequently, its employees must work hard to ensure it runs well. “Engage your managers and develop a plan for how you want to run this company. If you succeed, you would have succeeded in improving your own livelihoods.”

Zou pic

MCL Digital Acting Managing Editor, Zourha Malisa (left) explaining something to NMG Board Chairman, Dr. Wilfred Kiboro (centre) during his visit at the production studio.

MCL Board Chairman Leonard Mususa pointed out the digital world is a massive opportunity, so investments in that area and monetizing digital content must become a priority. “Digital audiences are used to free content (therefore) we must persuade our advertisers to buy (placement) on our digital platforms and pages because it benefitsthem,” he said.

In earlier remarks, MCL Managing Director Bakari Machumu had said MCL realizes if it wants to remain relevant in the community, it must take bold steps “from being a traditional media house in Tanzania to turning into the leading digital brand for all Tanzanians.”

‘Building Together’ is meant to be the starting point for that transformation withing MCL.

MCL staff

Some of the MCL staffs listening to the NMG Board Chairman, Dr. Wilfred Kiboro (not pictured) during the meeting editorial room.

Later today, MCL will also unveil a new corporate slogan to communicate to the public its brand promise to empower communities it operates in and promote positive change in society.

Before ‘Building Together’ was adopted, MCL did not have a cohesive internal motto and narrative around its digital transformation.

Nor did it have a corporate slogan, despite having clear brand identities for its flagship products and services, including TheCitizen, Mwananchi and Mwanaspoti newspapers, Mwananchi Digital platforms, Mwananchi Courier – its parcel handling and delivery service, Habari Hub – a digital incubator, and its various products and apps.