Njombe to become center for avocado plantation in Tanzania

Njombe. Njombe region has been targeted to become the leading producer of avocado in Tanzania after big investments which has attracted other farmers from different parts of the country.
That was said by the Tanzania Horticultural Association's  (TAHA) Development manager Anthony Chamanga during training for avocado farmers held in Njombe region.
The training which aims to enable them increase yields involved farmers from Arusha, Manyara and Njombe itself.
He said the aim of conducting the training in Njombe is because the region will soon become the leading area in avocado production in the country.
He also said the training is held in Njombe in order to ensure that farmers from other regions understand how Njombe farmers have managed to maximize their yields.
According to him Njombe region is endowed with fertile soils that are suitable for avocado plantation compared to other parts of the country.
"Our training has involved 120 avocado farmers from three regions Arusha, Manyara and Njombe," he said.
He said, normally one avocado tree can produce up to 150kg  but most farmers get between 30 kg and 50kg something that shows that farmers are making huge losses.
Speaking immediately after the farmers had visited a demonstration farm to learn about the cultivation of avocados, one farmer from Maheve Street in Ramadhani ward, Tito Mng "ong'o said the farm on average produces 12.5 tonnes of avocados per year where currently one kilogram sells at Sh1650.
He said avocado farming needs enough water and manure to do well.