Only 30 percent of area with gas in Tanzania has been surveyed

Saturday June 11 2022
NG pic
By Kelvin Matandiko

Dar es Salaam. The government has said in the next financial year 2022/23 it will increase it will stimulate natural gas exploration activities in 70 percent of the area that is yet to be explored the resource.

The statement was issued on June 11, in Dodoma by the Minister of Energy, Januari Makamba during the signing of a preliminary agreement in the Holding Agreement (HGA), between the Government and Shell and Equinor Companies.

What has been signed are some of the elements that form the basis for HGA preparations that are still in progress to provide direction for the implementation of the Natural Gas Processing Project (LNG).

"We have found 57 trillion cubic feet, it is a lot but compared to others this level is small, our neighbors Mozambique have a wealth of 200 trillion cubic feet,  the reason is that we have only explored 30 per cent of the area believed to have gas,” he said.

He added: In that sense if we revive and develop exploration activities we will get more gas, one of the goals of our ministry is to start those activities in the next financial year 2022/23.

Makamba said Tanzania has a total of 34 blocks, 22 blocks are empty and only 12 are active and operations are ongoing.


"So we believe in the next financial year and the following year, also given the impetus for this activity we believe we will increase the motivation of investors to come and continue research and we will increase the level of gas in the country and gas economy will increase," he said.