President Samia speaks out on the making of ‘Royal Tour’

Tuesday April 19 2022

President Samia speaks to the audience during the premiere of the Royal Tour Documentary in New York. PHOTO| STATE HOUSE

By Paul Owere

President Samia Suluhu Hassan has for the first time spoken out on the experience of shooting the documentary, Tanzania Royal Tour, saying she didn’t expect the film to come out the way it did.

Speaking immediately after the premiere of the documentary on Monday April 18,at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the President said one of the parts that she found very exciting was the tour guiding.

“Though it was difficult considering that I have so many guards who were telling don’t do this, don’t do that but I managed,” she told Peter Greenburg.

According to her many and torturous long hours went into the making of the film to the extent that they would miss lunch and have late dinner.

“You remember the day we did the voice overs, we spent the whole day without lunch and then we had late dinner….. you tortured me,” she told Peter Greenburg.

Samia 2

The question and answer session. PHOTO| STATE HOUSE


President Samia also revealed to the audience that it was the first time that she had driven a car after almost 15 years.

She also said one of Tanzania’s treasures that surprises every visitor is the great deal of hospitality and the warmth of the people.

“We are very friendly so when you happen to be in Tanzania even by mistake, you will never regret it,” she said.


The audience. PHOTO| STATE HOUSE

Answering questions from the audience the President who chose US for the premiere of the documentary said the best time for tourists to come is in June- July because it is relatively calm.

“But it depends, if you want to see the migration it is in August, otherwise you can come any time we can stop the rains for you,” she said amid applause.

The premiere is set to move to the West on Thursday, April 21, in Los Angeles, California where the screening will be held at the Paramount Pictures Studios.