Samia forms committee to investigate performance of security forces

What you need to know:

  • “I have formed this committee to advise me on the best way to bring changes in the performance of our criminal justice system,”

Dar es Salaam. President Samia Suluhu Hassan has formed a 12-man-committee and secretariat of five members to investigate the performance of security forces in the country.
The committee is led by the former Chief Justice, Mohammed Chande Othman as chairman and his vice chairman will be the former Chief Secretary, Ambassador Ombeni Sefue.
“I have formed this committee to advise me on the best way to bring changes in the performance of our criminal justice system,” said Samia.
The head of the state was speaking On Wednesday July 20, at State House Chamwino, Dodoma during the swearing in of the newly appointed Inspector General of Police (IGP), Camillius Wambura and Tanzania's Ambassador to Zimbabwe, former IGP Simon Sirro.
Also sworn-in was former chief of staff of the Tanzania People's Defense Forces (TPDF), Mathew Mkingule who become Tanzania’s new envoy to Zambia and Dr Suleiman Haji Suleiman as ambassador who will serve at Tanzania’s embassy in the US.
She said the committee will start their investigation with the Police Force and submit to her their report.
“They will bring to me the report for correction, and after the police force the committee will investigate the prisons and it will continue that way to all forces in the country,” she said.
Commenting on the latest changes she made in the police force, Samia said she wanted to see efficiency in the security organ and the public and their property is safe.
She said Sirro has done much in the Police force, but change was necessary in the force.
 “There are more changes coming. I just started with making small changes in the police force, but perhaps later it will be followed by big changes.”  
 Samia said the changes will be made in all security forces in the country including, Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), Drug Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA), National Prosecutions Services.
“The Tanzania Prisons Service will also be part of the new changes,” hinted by the head of the state.
According to her, areas that the committee will oversee include how the security organs operate, employment systems and training.
Also, the committee will investigate how the forces recruit their staff, their qualities and capacity and education background.
“We are going to see if rules and regulations are followed by these organs. Are we really serious or are we used to each other so that it has reached a stage that we don't take stern actions against each other,” said President Hassan.
She added: We will look in detail in all organs involved in the criminal justice system, the rights of the people must be given priority.
President Hassan noted that due to the technological advancements the forces need to recruit experts in various areas as engineers, ICT, doctors and even people with knowledge in Artificial intelligence (AI)
“The government is coming with another step within the defense and security organs, we want to build better and stronger forces to manage Tanzania's borders,” she said.