Tanzania calls for peace as Israel-Palestine war intensifies

A plume of smoke rises above buildings in Gaza City during an Israeli air strike, on October 8, 2023. PHOTO | AFP

Dar es Salaam. The government has issued a call for peace amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Expressing heartfelt condolences to the affected families in both nations and wishing a speedy recovery to the injured, Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Minister, Mr January Makamba, released a public statement through his social media platforms as the Middle East crisis entered its second day.

"We strongly denounce all forms of violence, recognising that violence has never proven effective as a means to resolve disputes. We earnestly implore restraint to prevent further loss of innocent lives," the statement asserts.

"We urge all parties involved to seek a path to peace through genuine dialogue, underpinned by the support of the international community, with the ultimate goal of establishing two equally viable states coexisting in harmony," the statement further emphasizes.

The conflict between the Israeli military and Palestinian militants persists within Israeli territory near Gaza. According to the BBC's latest report, Israeli airstrikes have tragically claimed the lives of at least 313 people in the Gaza Strip, leaving nearly 2,000 wounded.

Meanwhile, Hamas' attacks from Gaza have resulted in the deaths of at least 500 Israelis, with several others held hostage.