Tanzanian district official urges fathers to participate in children upbringing

District Commissioner for Kilolo, Joachim Nyingo, interacts with children during the Day of the African Child celebrations over the weekend in Iringa. PHOTO | Friday Simbaya

What you need to know:

  • District Commissioner for Kilolo, Joachim Nyingo, officiated the International Day of the African Child celebrations in the Iringa Region over the weekend

Iringa. As part of the celebrations for the Day of the African Child and Father’s Day, men have been urged to play a more active role in family child rearing, as they have often left this responsibility primarily to women.

These remarks were made by the District Commissioner of Kilolo, Joachim Nyingo, over the weekend as he officiated the International Day of the African Child celebrations for the Iringa Region.

The event took place at the Ilula Orphan Programme (IOP) grounds within the Kilolo District Council.

Nyingo emphasised the importance of parents and guardians ensuring the protection, security, and provision of essential needs for their children.

“Protect the children; their safety and security are crucial. Also, provide your children with their essential needs,” said DC Joachim.

The project officer for the SOS Villages Children's organisation, Benson Lwakatare, stated that their organisation collaborates with the region on various child-related issues, including education.

He noted that parenting has often been neglected in the community, stressing the need for parents and guardians to unite to combat issues like child abuse and poor nutrition.

“If we do not prepare the nation of tomorrow by preparing the child today, we should expect to have a troubled society,” Lwakatare explained.

The head of the gender and children’s desk in the Kilolo District police, Gahe Mrisho, stated that incidents of violence have decreased as the community has become more educated about the consequences of gender-based violence.

The 2024 celebrations for the Day of the African Child were led by the theme "Inclusive Education for Children to Consider Knowledge, Ethics, and Work Skills."

African Child Day is a significant event that brings attention to the rights and needs of children across the continent.

It serves as a call to action for all stakeholders to work towards creating a safer, healthier, and more inclusive environment for African children.

Through awareness, advocacy, and action, the day aims to honour the legacy of the Soweto Uprising while promoting the well-being and rights of children today and in the future.

Father's Day serves as a reminder of the significant contributions fathers make and encourages ongoing dialogue about fatherhood, family dynamics, and the importance of paternal support in all aspects of life.