This is who owned Bank M

Former Bank M CEO Ms Jacqueline Woise. Photo | File

What you need to know:

The BoT has accordingly appointed a Statutory Manager to manage the affairs of Bank M and suspend its Board of Directors and Management.

Dar es Salaam. Bank of Tanzania (BoT) took over the administration of Bank M Tanzania Limited on Thursday after the regulator realised that the commercial bank was facing serious liquidity problems.

Information, posted on the Bank M website before it (the website) went off yesterday, showed that the bank is owned by 15 individuals/companies. Here are the shareholders and their shareholding percentages in brackets

1. Vimal Mehta (16.03 pc)

2. Equity & Allied Limited (12.17pc)

3. Sean Patrick Breslin (11.63pc)

4. Africarriers Limited (11pc)

5. Sanjeev (10.53pc)

6. Noble Azania Investment Limited (7.3pc)

7. Khaskar Nair (7.09pc)

8. Sumaria Properties Limited (4.87pc)

9. Simon & Roisin Gregory (4.45pc). 

10. Pride Tanzania Limited (3.46pc)

11. Ramesh Patel (3.26pc)

12. Gissings Directors Pension Scheme (2.47pc)

13. Shiva Sanjeev Kumar (1.42pc)

14. Caitrin Breslin (0.90pc).