TMF offers to cover Bunge

Friday February 26 2016
tmf pic

Tanzania Parliament

 Dar es Salaam. The Tanzania Media Foundation (TMF) has said it is ready to finance the live coverage of Parliamentary proceedings by Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC).

Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday, TMF executive director Ernest Sungura said the institution was ready to fund the live coverage of Bunge sessions because they are a major source of debates which shape  the lives of common Tanzanians.

“If the problem is financing, as we had been told, we are ready to assist the government in this area so that wananchi can get first hand information of what is happening in the law making organ,” said Mr Sungura during a media stakeholders meeting.

TMF organised the meeting for media owners, managers and editors in order to introduce a new system of grants which the institution extends to journalists and media organisations.

He made the remarks following a request by the Tanzania Information Services (Maelezo) director, Mr Assah Mwambene, who asked TMF to explore the possibility of partial financing  of a process of ensuring that stakeholders participate in development of new media laws.

“Because TMF engages in promotion of media, we believe that the laws make an integral part of media development in the country. Therefore, it would not hurt if TMF decides to also assist in ensuring that stakeholders effectively participate in making of the laws,” said Mr Mwambene, who attended the meeting on behalf of the minister for Information, Culture, Art and Sports, Mr Nape Nnauye.