A new betting firm launched

Thursday August 04 2022
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By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. Some young people who like betting, have expressed their happiness after the new GwalaBet company launched today in Dar es Salaam city offers one chance to play for free every day.

The company launched today Thursday August 4, 2022 is the first to appear in Tanzania as there is no other game that gives the player the chance to play without placing a bet.

Shilton Ally from Kariakoo says he has been a gambler for many years but the new game gives him the chance to play without placing a bet and makes him enjoy betting even more.

"The game of betting is good and when the company owners think of us consumers, it becomes even better. It is a motivation if I can bet on football or another game without putting money," he said.

Speaking during the launch, the GwalaBet ambassador, Cedou Mandingo alias Babuu wa Kitaa said this is a game that aims at giving every player the opportunity to win.

"All games you bet to play, but GwalaBet gives everyone the opportunity to win. Everyday when you wake up you have the chance to place your free mat without any conditions and then you wait for your victory," said the Ambassador.


Gwala is a word that is used in common conversation especially among young people, meaning five or five hundred.

"As its name suggests, this game aims at involving all players as family members, where even if you don't have a bet to play, you have a chance to play. After the free mat given everyday, the player can place another one with a small bet starting from five hundred shillings to win," said Babuu wa Kitaa.

Chief Executive Officer of the Gwalabet company, Lumuliko Mengele said that Gwala is a company owned by natives and aims at ensuring that Tanzanians benefit more through this game.

"Along with the chance to play for free, GwalaBet offers offers and hit bonuses including cashout, multibet up to 500 percent, a huge Jackpot of Sh200 million," said Mengele.