Stephanie Aziz Ki arrives in Tanzania to end weeks of speculation

Dar es SalaamYanga fans received a sigh of relief late on Wednesday, July 10, 2024 as their team's talsmanic midfielder and NBC Premier League top scorer, Stephanie Aziz Ki, discreetly arrived in Tanzania.

Aziz Ki, who is a Burkinabé, landed at Julius Nyerere International Airport  early on Wednesday, having flown in from his home country on an Ethiopian Airlines flight.

Upon arrival, Aziz Ki orchestrated a carefully planned departure from the airport. Initially, an airport staff member advanced with his six large bags.

Shortly after, Yanga official Godlisten Anderson 'Chicharito' greeted him with a notable cap, which Aziz Ki was almost incognito.

Aziz Ki then proceeded alone, while the Yanga official moved ahead, ultimately boarding a Toyota Alphard that swiftly departed the airport.

 Aziz Ki then transferred to another waiting vehicle, a Toyota Harrier, just outside the airport grounds, while the Alphard left with only his bags.

Speculation had surrounded Aziz Ki's future with Yanga, with fans anxious about a possible departure. While Yanga has not yet formally announced an extension of Aziz Ki's contract, reliable sources suggest that negotiations with the Burkinabe midfielder have resulted in an agreement for him to remain with the team.

Yanga's social media channels have hinted at Aziz Ki addressing his fans later today, where further clarity on his future with the club may be provided.

More to follow……………